How big is the IT infrastructure outsourcing market?

How big is the IT infrastructure outsourcing market?

IT infrastructure is critical for firms globally. Organisations invest huge amount of money to build IT infrastructure that support their business goals and objectives, but many fail to set up even the most basic tools to effectively manage their IT resources.

Help desk management, configuration management, and application packaging and migrationservices are some of the infrastructure-based activities that are currently being delivered from an offshore location and they may serve as platforms into broader outsourcing deals.

According to a Nasscom report, an estimated that 40-60 per cent of the overall Infrastructure Management Service pie may be efficiently delivered through a global delivery model. This translates to a market potential (for offshore infrastructure management) of approximately $ 55 billion.

Forrester Research, the global business intelligence major, which has estimated the infrastructure outsourcing opportunity at $ 111 billion, has indicated that it can bring almost $1 billion earnings for India, provided Indian outsourcers strengthen their cost, quality and security strengths.

According to Gartner, by 2006, Infrastructure services delivered in a Global Delivery Model from India to US companies will surpass $1 billion (with 80% probability).

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