Top 10 IT and BPM companies from 2012 GS 100 list

Global Services Media, the extended arm of Cyber Media- the largest specialty media house in South Asia, recently released its 2012 Global Services 100 (2012 GS 100) which lists the leaders in IT and Business Process Management Industry. The 2012 GS 100 list is prepared by evaluating the service providers on various parameters including company size, countries of origin and countries of delivery.

GS 100 list

Global Services Media is a media platform that provides content for global sourcing companies. They connect buyers and providers in the business process management industry. Their product portfolio includes news update, online features, interviews, case studies, webinars and face to face interaction. Global Service Media’s GS 100 list is much valued in the sourcing industry as the ranking influences the decision of the BPM buyers.

Below is the list of the companies that have made it to the top 10 in the 2012 GS 100:

  1. Achievo Corporation:
    Achievo is the leading provider of IT and software services for global providers based in US. Their business offerings include IT service management, offshore development center, testing, mobile applications and IT resource support.
  2. Aditya Birla Minacs Worldwide Limited
    They partner with global companies to provide IT and business process management services. They offer finance and accounting, procurement and IT services to different sectors such as manufacturing, retail, telecom, technology, media, BFSI, healthcare and public sector.
  3. Aegis Limited
    Aegis is the global leader in providing BPM services and they have been there in this field for almost 30 years. The company is based in US and is part of the conglomerate Essar group. Their business offerings include finance and accounting services, HR services, spend management services. They extend their services to BFSI, energy, travel and hospitality, telecom, automobile, media, rail and healthcare.
  4. Affinity Express
    They are the leading offshore and onshore provider of advertising and marketing services based in US. Their services include print advertising, marketing production, online advertising and digital advertising.
  5. Ajuba International LLC
    They are premier healthcare revenue cycle service provider to healthcare systems, hospitals, academic medical centers, and medical equipment builder based in US.  Their offerings include patient services, billing services, reimbursement services, consulting and auditing and practice management.
  6. Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A
    They are the leading provider of financial and IT services to global financial institutions. The business offerings include mortgage services, financial services, technology services, asset management services.
  7. Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    Aspire Systems are end to end software development solution provider for startups as well as established industry leaders. Their services include infrastructure management services, product life cycle services, product development and testing and product support.
  8. Auriga Inc.
    They are the leader in providing R&D and IT services to both onshore and offshore destinations. Their business offerings include product engineering and ADM, software testing, product support, research and product training.
  9. Beyondsoft Corporation
    They are one of the top most IT and BPM solution providers in Asia. Their business offerings include IT consulting, R&D engineering, enterprise application services, ERP, F&A services, HR services and content & Document services.
  10. Capgemini
    Capgemini is a leader in consulting, technology, business process management and professional services. Their BPM services include F&A, procurement, customer care, supply chain management and knowledge process services.

You can view the full report here.

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