What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the process of converting a digital 3D model into a physical object. It is a technology that was invented by Chuck Hull in 1986. Since then 3D printing technology has developed a lot. Today there are various kinds of 3D printing technologies that have been developed to produce 3D models for various kinds of industries.

The 3D printing process usually involves three stages:

  • Modeling: Modeling involves creating 3D printable models with the help of software or CAD package or digital camera and then converting the model to the required format for printing.
  • Printing: Printing involves the actual process of converting the digital file into a physical object. The construction of the 3D digital model into its physical form can be carried out through different kinds of technologies.
  • Finishing: Finishing involves printing the desired object in a slightly oversized version and then removing the extra material to get greater precision for the final product
Urbee 3D printed car at 3d Print Show in Paris. Source http://www.3dilla.com

Urbee 3D printed car at 3d Print Show in Paris. Source 3Dilla.com

What is 3D printing outsourcing?

3D printing outsourcing is the transfer of activities related to 3D printing to a third party to get effective results within a quick time. Outsourcing of 3D printing is gaining popularity among businesses as an easy solution to generate and evaluate prototypes and end-use products. 3D printing outsourcing results in shortening time-to-market, decreasing manufacturing errors and ensuring quality products at a cost effective rate.

Various industry sectors are adopting 3D printing for their uses. Resultantly, these sectors are fuelling the growth of 3D printing outsourcing jobs.

Growth of 3D printer market in India

The Indian 3D printing market is relatively young when compared to the global 3D printing market. But India has been showing encouraging trends in terms of 3D printing jobs. There has been a steady increase in the number of companies that are adopting the 3D printing technology for their manufacturing requirements. Today even small and medium sized companies are starting to understand the benefit of 3D printing and are outsourcing their 3D printing jobs to competent service providers at affordable rates.

As per a report from 6Wresearch, the 3D printer market in India is predicted to reach USD 79 million by 2021. This boost in the printer market will be the result of the advancement in material research and low cost of production. The report states that the potential fields to help the growth of  3D printing jobs in India are the educational, medical, furniture modelling, animation and gaming, footwear design and fashion accessories fields, to name a few.

As of now India imports 3D printers from countries like the USA, China and Germany. But it is expected that with the help of government initiatives, there will be a boost in domestic manufacturing that will effect in creation of local devices over the period of time forecasted for the growth.

Some of the major players in the Indian 3D printer market at present are Stratasys, Optomec, 3D Systems, Leapfrog, Altem Technologies, Brahma 3 and JGroup Robotics.

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