What is Lead Generation Outsourcing?

Lead generation is the process of generating consumer interest in your products, services or business with the aim to develop a sales pipeline. Any person who displays an interest in your business or your products or the services offered by you can be termed as a lead. The purpose of lead generation is to convert qualified prospects into clients. But it must be noted that not all leads may result in a sale.

In other words, lead generation increases the awareness about your products, services or business and helps to increase your clients or consumers.


What are the main sources of lead generation?

There can be various sources of lead generation. Personal referrals, social media, emails, direct telephone calls by the company, telephone calls by telemarketers, advertisements in the digital and print media, organising events, etc. are some of the sources of lead generation.

Due to the change in buying and selling process, marketers are coming up with new ways to make their presence felt among the customers and generate leads.

What is lead generation outsourcing?

Lead generation outsourcing in a business means engaging a third party to generate interest of prospective consumers regarding the company’s services or products. The process or nature of lead generation depends on several aspects such as the product or service of the company and the target buyer. So, outsourced lead generation may vary from one industry to another.

Generally lead generation is outsourced to an agency or firm that specializes in generating qualified leads. The outsourced agency or firm engages expert professionals to promote the company’s products or services. They undertake various measures to promote through different mediums. Once the leads are matured, usually agencies or firms send the details of the clients to the company for further action or to close the deal.

What is the potential of lead generation outsourcing in India?

India is the second most populous country in the world. With a population of more than 1.27 billion people India presents massive lead generation potential.

There has been a huge transformation in the selling and buying process in India in the last decade. As people adopt new ways to buy things and online shopping becomes a popular means of procuring all kinds of items and services, companies have been forced to acknowledge this change and adopt new strategies of lead generation to remain in the competition.

Today more and more businesses are outsourcing their lead generation needs in order to get better and faster results. With 100 million internet users, there a huge potential to explore the internet sphere for lead generation. A recent survey report indicates that there has been an increase of 70% effectiveness in online advertising in India to generate leads. Such positive trends and responses are paving the way for lead generation services. The result will be a steady increase in outsourcing lead generation activities to competent service providers in the coming years.

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